Brownies Kukus & Kek Lapis

Salam to All. We are happy to introduce our latest product - Brownies Kukus or Steam Brownies and Kek Lapis Surabaya.

Brownies Kukus (Steam Brownies)
Our brownies kukus uses premium ingredients such as Callebaut cocoa powder and Callebaut chocolate and every bite is a haven for both chocolate and non-chocolate lovers. Pack in its own special box, the brownies comes in one size 8" x 4" and weighs about 700gm each. Our brownies kukus are not only perfect for the family but also as gifts to friends and love ones. Be sure to pick your favourite from our list of flavours:

1. Original Chocolate Brownies
2. Tiramisu
3. Chocolate Cheese Marble
4. Pandan Cheese
5. MoccaChino
6. Cream Cheese Brownies

Brownies Kukus Original