Monday, July 2, 2012

Brownies Kukus / Steam Brownies / Kek Kukus

Salam All

We are now offering Brownies Kukus or Steam Brownies and Kek Kukus under our sister brand, RISSA to all. Made of premium ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, every bite of RISSA brownie kukus and RISSA kek kukus is a haven for both chocolate and non-chocolate lovers. Our moist brownies / kek kukus are available in the following flavours:

1. Original Brownies Kukus (Chocolate)
2. Chocolate Cheese Tiramisu
3. ChocoBanana

Kek Lapis Kukus
4. Mocha Fruits
5. Masam Manis

Each brownies and kek lapis kukus comes in one size: 8" x 4" and weighs about 800 grams each.

Please note that the brownies kukus and kek kukus are marketed under our brand name, RISSA,

Brownies Kukus Original - RM22.00

Brownies Kukus Choco Cheese Tiramisu - RM28.00

ChocoBanana - RM24.00

ChocoBanana - inside view

Kek Lapis Kukus Masam Manis - RM22.00
Kek Lapis Kukus Mocha Fruits - RM28.00

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